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This is the Site of Jomet Computer Technology! We are Computer Technician and Electronic Consultant.

We Train People to acquire life time trade and to be self reliant when it comes to self actualization and discoveries.

Partner with us today for better tomorrow. 




A)                Abase acceptance of the senior ones over yours is paramount.

B)                 Be bold enough to ask questions from anybody.

C)                Copy notes on a package before moving to the next page.

D)                Don’t indulge yourself in any form of fighting or abusing others (It is highly prohibited).

E)                 Endurance is tested for both Physical and Mental activities.

F)                 Feel free to approach anybody for help, be it the management or the student.

G)                Get prepared always for test or exams.

H)                Honesty is our watch ward, please note!

I)                  Irrevocable commitment should be given to the Computer Training, not only that, but also the rules and regulations.

J)                  Jackal-napes should be noted to be wrong at the center.

K)                 Keep yourself busy by reading your notes and handout when not working on the system.

L)                 Leery your behavior against the wrong deed you believe not to be right.

M)               Moxie move is the step to acquiring what you come for.

N)                Note: - never ‘pock-nose’ on anybody’s personal affair.

O)               Oppressiveness is not celebrated among us (we are all equal).

P)                 Pay attention to whatever you are taught and go over it again during your lecture time.

Q)               Quitter attitude toward Computer learning (at Jomet) disapproving, disappointing and not encouraging, the watch word must be

“It is Easy”.

R)                Reading of notes and handout are tested by the conduction of tests and exams.

S)                 Stealing is highly prohibited and not allowed, it attracts open disgrace and total expulsion from the vicinity.

T)                Teaching of others about a package you know is recommended

U)                Unapologetical acts is not our label.

V)                Vengeful acts are barbaric and not allowed.

W)              Watch your mouth before you speak because the mouth can cage the soul

X)                 XC among the students is advice please i.e. extensive cooperation is advice.

Y)                Yuck behaviour toward others is not allowed.

Z)                 Zinging of people is highly prohibited.


Conclusion: - Surely when you abide with the format above, you will                                     definitely have what you come for.


                        Written by:- AKODA-ASEDA SEUN (August set 2010)                   



(The Year of Jubilee)



Independent simply means confident and free to do things without needing help from other people.


          Nigeria as a case study:- Nigeria got her independence on October 1st 1960 from a colonial ruler precisely British- Nigeria’s then Colonial Master. Through the activities of our leaders like: Late Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Late Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa, Late Dr. Namdi Azikwe among others we got our political independence from Britain.

          Nigeria became republic in 1963 and the first president is Dr. Namdi Azikwe while Chief Obafemi Awolowo was the premier of Western Region.


          After this, Nigeria has been transiting from Democracy to Military regime and vice-versa due to some Political crisis.


          Democracy means government of the people by the people and for the people, while Military is a dictatorship form of governance. Nigerians cannot forget their experience during Military era, for example, no freedom of speech, no freedom of movement, killing civilian any how and coup plotting with bloodshed.


          To say the fact, there is nothing good as democracy! people will say their mind and people in government will listen and know how to address the issues so as to have peace because they are elected by the people.


          National assembly is there to discuss national issue, even children parliament exist so as to discuss issues that affect the children. Democracy leads to rapid development of account infact we can point to some development in Nigeria, for the past 50 years, to mention but few improvement in our educational sectors, transportation, agricultural sectors, and most especially information and technology among numerous others.


          Fellow Nigerians, as we have seen and enjoyed the dividend of democracy, I hereby enjoined you to support democracy so that the labour of our past heroes shall not be in vain.